Arcola Studios Announces the Premiere of “Do It For The Grand”: A Documentary About A Reality Show About the Construction of a Broke Ass Game Show

Brooklyn, June 3, 2024 – Arcola Studios is proud to announce the much-anticipated premiere of its latest original series, “Do It For The Grand,” set to air exclusively on starting June 15th, 2024. There will be an in-person pilot screening and launch party at Anthology Film Archives (2nd & 2nd) from 1-3PM the same Saturday.

“Do It For The Grand” is a trailblazing web show, combining elements of reality television, game show, social experimenting, and meta-narrative storytelling while following five fame-seeking New Yorkers around for thirty consecutive hours. Over dozens of episodes to be released through the rest of the year, the show will blur genres and deliver an unpredictable citywide experience for audiences of all ages.

In “Do It For The Grand,” contestants and audiences find themselves immersed in a world of watching the moving pieces of the show they’re watching, where frugal reality meets the frantic absurd reality. Contestants on the show traverse all five boroughs while trying to complete challenges. Audiences at home have the unique experience of watching the origin, planning and sudden improvisations of countless bizarre bits and the frantic work to keep the show afloat. Packed with unexpected twists, hilarious antics, and plenty of surprises along the way, “Do It For The Grand” will keep audiences at the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating each new burst of barely-controlled chaos.

“We’re thrilled to bring “Do It For The Grand” to audiences everywhere,” said Jake Jurich, an award-winning filmmaker and president of Arcola Studios. “This show pushes the boundaries of traditional television by making everyone a cameraperson—from the creators, to the crew, and even the contestants. We’ve woven together footage from iPhones, GoPros, DSLRs, and top-of-the-line digital cinema cameras to cover the craziest summer ever, more comprehensively and creatively than you could possibly imagine.”

Co-creator Alexis Simmons says “Do It For The Grand” boasts a talented cast of contestants who are ready to take on whatever challenges come their way. “We exceeded our goal of simply creating something unique. A group of film industry friends making a show that’s both high-concept and low-budget turned out to be a potent formula for explosive payoff. We’re showing you the contestant versus creator struggle every step of the way. You’re never bored because we’re always redefining the show, and that’s the show.” From outrageous stunts to laugh-out-loud moments, each episode promises to be a rollercoaster ride of entertainment. “We wanted to create a show that not only entertains but also challenges the conventions of what came before ,” said Producer Taylor Richardson. “With ‘Do It For The Grand,’ we’re inviting viewers to join us on a disruptive new kind of entertainment they won’t soon forget. We were thrilled inviting Spike Lee on set, and hearing him say he’s never heard of something like this. He said please prepare for the Q&A after”

Don’t miss the premiere of “Do It For The Grand” on June 15th, whether at the theatre or on For more information, follow @doitforthegrand on all platforms and bookmark for updates and behind-the-scenes content.

About Arcola Studios: Arcola Studios is a multifaceted, Brooklyn-based production house delivering sophisticated storytelling via detail-driven creative cohesion. The company’s content lives on, the groundbreaking platform developed by Jurich where fans can stream, subscribe, shop, and socialize all within the orbit of original series such as “Do It For The Grand.”

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